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Terms & Conditions

  1. Valid driver license and passport must be produced by the renter. All rates include maintenance and oil but exclude tyres and fuel. Third Party insurance is included in the rental price. In case of an accident, the renter will be held responsible for all damage to the AB Gambian Car Rental vehicle. However an optional, more complete, fuller cover insurance is available on demand. The lessor reserves the right to substitute a quoted vehicle with a similar model. No vehicle may be taken outside The Gambia without prior arrangement. When driving to Senegal, the office manager must be informed and fuller insurance taken, before the contract starts. Driving outside The Gambia and Senegal is prohibited at all times.
  2. The renter is liable for fuel usage, damages and for all extras requested.
  3. Rental beyond the original date of termination or earlier drop-off must be arranged on arrival 24hrs before completion of agreement.  Rental period is calculated on 24-hrs basis from the time of pick –up.
  4. The cars are allowed inside The Gambia and to Senegal when agreed by the management. Driving to unauthorised countries will void all/any insurance taken and hold the renter responsible to the full amount of damages/replacement of the vehicle. In case of breakdown outside the Gambian borders the renter will be liable for the transportation costs to the Gambian border.
  5.   AB Gambian Car Rental. Will not be held responsible for any missed flight or ongoing travel arrangements, for any reason. The renter must ascertain that he/she has enough time for driving from the last destination to the place of drop off, including police road block/checks, flat tyres, mechanical problems, vehicle check up time, time for airport transfer and pre-flight registration.
  6. No refunds will be given if the lessor has not been notified about any malfunctions at the time of occurrence. Notifications on delivery or at the time of termination of the contract will not be accepted and no refund(s) will be granted. No insurance cover for driving into war zone or if any war related accident has occurred. In case of any accident/loss/break-in the renter must notify the nearest police station and obtain a police case number. Failure to do so will render all insurance void and renter is held responsible for all damage incurred. Damage to glass parts and tyres are on the renter’s account. Cracked/chipped parts will have to be replaced.
  7. A notice of at least 3 working days before end of rental period should be given if any damage have been incurred during rental period to enable to the lessor to obtain a quotation for parts/repair/replacement.
  8. 8.  Negligence: negligent driving, drunk driving, speeding, driving under influence of drugs, on unauthorised roads, overturning of the car, accidents when no other vehicle is involved, driving to prohibited areas/countries, reckless driving, obvious acts of disregards to the vehicle will hold the renter liable to the full amount of  damage.
  9. Transportation/delivery/drop-off/towing/salvage/recovery costs from anywhere outside The Gambia in case of breakdown for any reason: on renter’s account. The lessor reserves the right to deliver a replacement vehicle and/or mechanic services within a period of 24hrs within The Gambia. Outside The Gambia: 72 hrs.
  10. Type repair by plug is not` acceptable. In this case renter will be liable for the costs of tyre replacement. Tyre damaged of the walls must be replaced. Driving on flat tyres is prohibited and will hold the renter liable for the full amount of damage/replacement costs to/of tyres, rims and chassis parts. All accidents must be reported within 24 hours, failure to do so  renders all insurances void. Driving by unauthorised driver will void all/any insurances taken and hold the renter responsible to the full amount damages/replacement of the vehicle. In case the car key is lost by the renter, the costs of a duplicate will be paid by the renter.
  11. A deposit of 875 € for comfort cars and 625 € for budget cars has to be paid before rental starts. Can be done in cash or by credit card. Your credit card will not be debited if the car will be returned without any damage.